HARP Direct Mail Leads

Refi Mortgage Lead has a large volume of eligible HARP loan holders.

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We filter results hundreds of ways to match your preferred goals and needs.

Some of these filtering options include but are not limited to:

  • NAccurate Fannie and Freddie
  • NHome Values
  • NCost Per Call Campaigns
  • NLTV/ CLTV to 150%+
  • NRate Filters
  • NFICO Scores
  • NOrigination Dates

Broad filtering capabilities give you the option to eliminate undesirable leads. We ensure your list of leads is personalized to your specific market requirements.

Direct Mail Opportunity

Refi Mortgage Lead offers direct mail campaigns that are proven to generate leads. After filtering according to your need, you will begin to receive calls quickly. High quality, these calls are interested in your offers.

We also track direct mail campaigns with full transparency. Proprietary tools, such as bar-code tracking, are used to keep you informed through the entire process. You can expect to begin receiving calls from premium leads within one week of campaign launch.

Direct mail campaigns can be beneficial because only truly interested leads will take the time to call you. This eliminates wasted cold call time.

Refi Mortgage Lead is Unmatched

Refi Mortgage Lead employs a team of experts to manage your campaign. We do the research required to ensure our data is current and relevant. In fact, we deliver with a 97%+ accuracy rate. Only a selective and specific group of data is targeted to yield the highest possible ROI.

Our data is so high-performing that we charge on a cost per call basis. This means we don’t get paid until you receive a call. Direct mail for HARP mortgage holders:

  • NFilters to provide quality leads
  • NYields high success rates
  • NDelivers quick results
  • NUses current lists
  • NHave competitive rates

Many Americans still Qualify for HARP

HARP programs available include Fannie Mae’s High-LTV Refinance Option, also called the HIRO Program. Freddie Mac’s Enhanced Relief Refinance program has the same goals as Fannie Mae’s option. 

In order to be eligible a person still has to meet several criteria:

  • NCurrent on mortgage
  • NExisting loan through Fannie or Freddie
  • NHow property is occupied
  • NQualified DTI
  • NMedian FICO score of 620 or better
  • NLoan originated before May 31, 2009
  • NCurrent LTV ratio greater than 80%
  • NNo payments past 30 days late in last 6 months
  • NPrimary residence
  • NOne unit second home or 1-4 unit rental

These are very specific parameters to sift through on your own. Refi Mortgage Lead can take on this tedious process for you. Get started today by filling out the form or giving us a call. We’d love to provide an unfair advantage in your market.