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Refi Mortgage Lead offers the best in HARP real-time internet Leads.

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Our refined techniques are designed to generate high quality leads. Choose from two types of internet leads to best fit your marketing strategy.

  • NAds and Banners Leads

Generated by placing strategic internet ads and banners. These placements attract impulsive users to consider a HARP loan type.

  • NPremium Email Leads

This lead type is generated from non-shopping prospects.

After being delighted by impressive ads, customers will be sent to a landing page. Then they are directed to fill out a form for more information about the offer.

These leads are then filtered from your specifications.

This process ensures all your deliverables are relevant leads. No more wasted data. This highly customized experience means your leads are likely to covert. Personalization also eliminates those whose qualifications are less desirable.

Filtering options include:

  • NOrigination date before 2009
  • NHome values
  • NLTV/ CLTVs to 100% and beyond
  • NRate filters
  • NFICO scores
  • NMany more

Many Americans Qualify for HARP

Changes in rates and tough economic times mean many Americans are qualified for HARP. This gives you a bigger chance to grow a customer base.

Refi Mortgage Lead can help you find people who:

  • NWere previously denied
  • NHave good payment history, but need assistance
  • NNever thought they would qualify

With our solid real-time internet methods, we can provide large volumes of qualified prospects. We take on the tedious search task, so you can grow in your market.

Real-time Internet Leads Convert

Real-time internet leads present a huge opportunity for growth. The sheer amount of internet leads our team can generate is impressive. These leads provide flow that is consistent and scaled to your need.

Real-time internet leads provide:

Growth potential

Stability where other traditional leads don’t

Dependability with the right leads

Delivery and Tracking

Refi Mortgage Lead also delivers leads at great speed, and tracks your metrics for you.


A successful campaign will perform best when results are accurately tracked. We can help figure your ROI, and track your profits in full transparency.

Delivery Speed

Your HARP internet leads will still be surfing the internet when you call with our rapid respond time. Our process enables you to contact customers within minutes. This quick response increases conversion rates.

Act now for Success

Our proprietary lead management system provides premium, quick, and custom lead delivery. We also track results for you. With Refi Mortgage Lead, you have the ability to choose exclusive or semi-exclusive leads for further personalization.

Refi Mortgage Lead’s well researched tools and methods can give you an unfair advantage in your market. We guarantee satisfaction. Call or fill out the form to get started.