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Refi Mortgage Lead gives you data accuracy of over 90%. Others in the industry are much lower at 40-60% accuracy when it comes to key indicators.

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We strive to overdeliver and outperform our competition.

We know certain lead types can be costly. This is great reason to take advantage of our lead lists. More affordable, our lists are still very high-performing. These data sets provide opportunity for customer growth at an affordable cost.

Choose from several options:

  • NHARP email lists
  • NHARP phone lists
  • NHARP mailing lists
  • NHARP aged internet leads
  • NHARP aged call center leads

We can even recommend what may work best for you. Then we provide filtering options to tailor your lists to your goals and needs. Lead lists are customizable and proven to convert.

Refi Mortgage Lead constantly updates our database to create new leads for your business. We provide premium HARP leads that are fresh and high-performing.

  • NHomeowners you can trust.
  • NHomeowners interested in different quality rates and terms.
  • NHomeowners with solid payment histories.

HARP Leads are Proven to Convert

Refi Mortgage Lead’s lists are created to ensure success. Our fresh, premium leads are the best in the industry. Our well-researched methods have a great track record with current clients.

Recent changes in HARP qualifications means more Americans are seeking this loan type.

More loan holders are getting help from HARP programs in these tough economic times.

A few of these qualifications are:

  • NSolid payment history over 12 months
  • NLoan origination on or before May 31, 2009
  • NHome owner must be able to afford new rate

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With these specific qualifications and more, HARP is helping many loan holders refinance their mortgages. This is something your industry can leverage for growth. However, with such specific parameters for eligibility, you have to know where to find them. Refi Mortgage Lead can sift through these records for you.

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