HARP Live Transfers

Recent changes in HARP qualification have made many Americans eligible for this loan type. However, parameters are very specific, making your search tedious.

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In this tough economy, more people are taking advantage of HARP loan types to get them out from under water.

To qualify for HARP, Refi Mortgage Lead will verify several requirements:

  • NFreddie or Fannie Loan
  • NCurrent LTVs exceed 80%
  • NOne-minute qualifier
  • NSolid payment history
  • NLoan origination before May 31, 2009

With such specific requirements, our detail-oriented team can do this tedious research for you.

Live Transfer Opens Opportunity

To keep business moving forward, you need a constant intake of premium leads. Our large records provide access to a high volume of leads who are qualified to refinance under HARP.

Our well-researched team of representatives call those who may be eligible to refinance. Unmatched methods are used to determine who we contact. After interest in a HARP loan is established, they become a lead.

As one of our clients, we will work together, based on your goals and needs, to set up filtering options. This personalized experience will provide leads that are high quality and fit your targets.

Time is valuable, and we never waste it.

Our representatives pre-screen potential leads with a series of questions. If they don’t match your specifications, they won’t be transferred to you.

Catch Leads when they are Fresh

Leads are proven to convert when they are primed and fresh. As soon as interest is determined, we transfer them to you quickly. Within minutes of first contact, leads are sent directly to you. Nourished, delighted leads are proven to convert easier.

Studies show speed is essential for converting prospects to customers. Quick transfers are our specialty, while maintaining quality.

Refi Mortgage Lead Outperforms

While more Americans take advantage of HARP loan types in these tough times, now is the time to act. Refi Mortgage Lead can bring prospects to you quickly with HARP live transfers. Our data is proven to convert more often than our competition.

Filtered to your needs and lightning fast, take advantage of our expertise. 

Leverage the power of the right data at the right time with Refi Mortgage Lead. Call or fill out the form to get started.