Jumbo Mortgage Live Transfers

The jumbo mortgage niche can be a great way to bolster your funding goals.

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Refi Mortgage Lead knows how to target, attract, and delight jumbo leads through live transfer campaigns.

We specialize in providing fresh, up to date jumbo mortgage loan prospects who are waiting to receive your quote.

Our Qualified Live Transfers:

  • NPredictive dialers only
  • NUSA based call center
  • NInterested prospects
  • NQualified
  • NExclusive
  • NOne minute qualifiers

We help those in the jumbo mortgage market find high-intent leads. To grow this market, you need a specific client base. Refi Mortgage Lead can help.

Live Transfers are Effective

Speed is essential when making a sale. We work diligently to ensure our live transfer leads are quick and effective. After first contact, our skilled representatives accurately determine if the lead fits your criteria. The call is then transferred to you in just a few seconds.

Our live transfers target prospects with:

  • NHigh credit scores
  • NLow DTI
  • NSolid payment history

The jumbo mortgage niche can be a great opportunity. You need high quality, effective live transfer leads to win the market. We know this vertical and keep a clean, current database of eligible prospects.

Benefit of Live Transfers

Live transfers can make the process of client acquisition an easier task. Our team of trained representatives target and delight potential jumbo mortgage customers. Once contacted and determined to be interested, these prospects become a lead. We only send the lead if it fits your requested need.

In addition to being custom filtered, live transfers also provide speed and reliability. After first contact and qualification, the lead is transferred directly to you. No time is wasted, so your sale closes more often.

High Quality starts with Refi Mortgage Lead

Recent data shows roughly 80 million homeowners in the US, and only a small percentage of those qualify for jumbo loans. Refi Mortgage Lead knows the market and how to target and attract these customers.

Refi Mortgage Lead’s process is well-researched and proven effective. Call or fill out a form to get started on your winning jumbo mortgage live transfer campaign.