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Prospective loan holders may see the need to bypass a lot of the hurdles and red tape that can be associated with getting a loan from a traditional mortgage lender, while providing a return and form of passive income to the private lender.

Contacting these customers could be a great way to meet your closing goals.

they will need to acquire a few documents:

  • NPromissory note
  • NMortgage or ‘deed of trust’
  • NRepayment schedule

Customers will be looking for new purchase or private loan resources and vendors online, and Refi Mortgage Lead knows how to target and attract online users.

 Our process creates large volumes of fresh internet leads. This lead type can provide great potential but must be managed properly, and we specialize in this lead type.

Internet leads can often come with higher risk, because our competitors do no use trusted sources, have poor traffic, or do not validate.

We would never waste your time or money on leads that do not convert. Our internet leads are top quality with a great reputation for conversion.

Why choose Refi Mortgage Lead?

Refi Mortgage Lead is committed to our customers. We strive to deliver quick, customize options, and track results to ensure success.

  • NSpeedy delivery

More conversions happen when contact is made fast. Our internet leads are sent to you within minutes of submission. This allows you to respond quicker for better results.

  • NCustomizable options

As internet leads are submitted, our team of knowledgeable representatives will ensure the lead fits your predetermined need. This means your new purchase internet leads are completely relevant.

  • NTracked metrics

To ensure success, we even track metrics with full transparency. Our unique lead management system allows you follow your performance.

Internet Lead Types

Refi Mortgage Lead will always outperform and overdeliver. Our focus is the same as your focus—solid customer service and premium product. To ensure our data stays current and high quality we use two types of methods to generate new purchase internet leads.

  • NAds and banners

Impulsive leads created by enticing internet ads and banners

  • NAttractive email leads


Internet Lead Types

Both methods take leads to a landing page where they will be prompted to fill out a form for more information about new purchase loans.

After submission, the lead is filtered per your specifications. Within seconds, the lead is sent to you.

Internet leads are offered semi-exclusive and exclusive by your choosing. Both can result in great conversion rates.

Act Now for Growth

Act now to add the new purchase or private loan holder niche to your growth plan and closing goals. Refi Mortgage Lead has a solid reputation for fostering growth in your market. We can give you the winning edge you need. We guarantee our product with money back plus $100 on first purchase. Call or fill out a form to get started.