Refi Live Transfers

Our personalized method of lead generation is well-loved by our clients. In fact, many of our customers have been with us for years, because our data sets continue to impress and outperform.

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Refi Mortgage Lead provides top-notch live transfer lists that easily convert.

They are delivered to you fully compliant, stamped with the final approval from our experts to ensure your leads are highest quality.

Refi Mortgage Lead Live Transfers are:

  • NPredictive dialers only
  • NPrimed leads (aged)
  • NFresh and exclusive
  • NQualified and compliant
  • NUSA based call centers

Refi Mortgage Lead will end your search for great leads. The top indicator of client acquisition is high quality data that converts. We can help you reach your goals.

Our Experts know Refi

Real refinance mortgage live transfer leads put qualified leads in your hands. Our USA based call center experts are trained to bolster interest in refinance, handing off interested leads who are ready to convert.  Our techniques are well-loved and proven, but never duplicated.

Call center experts qualify leads by asking a series of questions to determine:

  • NCredit types
  • NHigh interest rates
  • NHigh values
  • NNo late payments- no Refi’s
  • N90% and less LTV’s
  • NMinimum qualifiers

Once your lead is qualified and determined to be high-value, the call is transferred live to you.

Just do what you do best, close the deal and convert the customer.

Quality Leads

Custom Live Transfers

We take all the tedious work out of finding customers with live transfers. Our expert agents filter leads from your specifications, then refine them further with a personal touch. We will only send you a live lead if it fits your need. This type of care ensures your time and money are well spent on relevant leads.

Our high quality, live transfer leads are also lightning fast. Once our skilled call center agent qualifies your lead, it is transferred directly to you with no wait time.

Premium Refinance Live Transfers

The latest numbers show over 80 million homeowners in America. Think of the potential if you could have access to the right lead at the right time. Let Refi Mortgage Lead find your customer base for you.