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Manage Leads & Ping Post

Gathering and organizing marketing information can often take hours.  This technology requires careful management through tracking, measuring, validation, and analysis. Refi Mortgage Lead recommends the following platforms for ease of transition. These resources can easily allow you to track and post leads into your lead management system or CRM.

Compliance & Verification

As you know, business must constantly stay up to date in ongoing permission channels. Recording, managing, and presenting the latest compliance regulations is essential. These resources provide a non-intrusive, pro-consumer commitment through increased transparency and permission management. These networks connect consumers with TCPA and TSR opt-in business listings, making it easier for consumers to control information they provide to business.

Manage Calls

Manage and track purchases and conversions made over the phone back to your campaigns to gain insight into your acquisition costs. This can be accomplished with premier SaaS solution software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM’s)

Engage with customers, convert more leads, and grow revenue with the right CRM. Manage, track, and follow up with leads all in one place. The right management platform can transform the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT teams.

Manage Traffic & Fraud

Manage and optimize types of partnerships to manage traffic and fraud. This can be directed across multiple channels and devices with resources that track and measure fragmented data. Solve measurement challenges with solutions for brand safety, ad verification, and advertising effectiveness.

Reputable Lead Sources

The right lead source collects highly responsive data and empowers it with enhanced insights for reliable conversions every time. Focus should be on robust technology and data solutions far beyond industry standards. Work with real people that put the polish on every lead delivered to you.