VA Live Transfers

There are about 20 million veterans in the United States today. This means VA mortgage loans are a popular choice for this population.

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Similar to FHA, VA mortgage loans are backed by the government, but are easier to obtain than FHA loans. More veterans are choosing VA mortgage loans when buying their homes.

When converting a sale, a quick response is essential. Refi Mortgage Lead works non-stop to process live transfer leads lightning fast.

After contact, our trained agents qualify the lead to your filters and need. The call is immediately transferred to you in seconds.

Refi Mortgage Lead live transfers target no NODS, high loan amounts, good FICO scores, VA eligible, no mortgage late payments, and no BKs. This active niche mortgage market is waiting to be tapped into. We know the VA mortgage niche and produce high volumes of prospects for our clients. We can help you grow your VA mortgage client base.

Live Transfer Advantages

One of our specialties is live transfer leads. Our well-trained, domestic agents can target VA mortgage loan holders or eligible veterans. Once contacted, we determine interest, and convert them to a lead.

When we launch your live transfer campaign, you also get a satisfaction guarantee or your money back plus $100 dollars on your first order. These leads are personalized to fit your needs and business goals. Our unique filtering options can be set up to your specifications, then we will do all the heavy lifting.

Our agents ask a series of questions to determine interest, conversion probability, and fit.

If the lead doesn’t match your requirements, the transfer isn’t initiated. If we qualify the lead to your targets, they are transferred within seconds. We will always only send you relevant, premium leads.

Start Today. Refi Mortgage Lead continuously generates large volumes of high quality leads for our clients. In fact, our clients are loyal and keep coming back for more.

We offer the highest quality VA mortgage leads in the market.

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